Be the Example

The season of Spring is a re-birth process that nature gives itself, it also influences us, since we are part of nature as well. This time of year inspires us to embrace the new.  When we feel inspired to make changes we often think that others should be inspired as well. Maybe they will, but in their own time.

We may think we can plainly see what is best for someone else or what would help them. But, it's not up to us to change others. Although we are all connected, each of us are on our own path, our own journey... each of has our own lessons to learn. If you are choosing to release self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, don't expect those around you to do the same. It is amazing the tension and pressure that drops when you realize that there is nothing for you to fix in others. It can be a valuable gift to practice the art of teaching by example.


Lisa Brooks