Follow the Rabbit

We are being encouraged to grow and expand, to become a better, fuller version of ourselves.

Ask yourself this question every morning: “What treasures have you gathered along the path of life that you are bringing with you into this new day and what are you ready to leave behind?”

Sometimes it's scary to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar, but you know in your heart what is serving you and what is not. You know what you must do, there is that voice inside telling you. Listen to it. Use the energy that comes with a new day, a new moon, a new season, a new year. They represent the start of a new cycle, a re-birth, a new beginning, a clean slate. Doesn't just the sound of that ignite something inside of you? Doesn't that alone, get you a little excited about what could be just around the corner?

Use that excitement to take the first step. You don't have to see the full picture (why would you want to anyway, what fun is that?). Just gather the strength and courage to take that first step and you will be guided to the next and the next. Follow the rabbit.


Lisa Brooks