With Surrender Comes Grace and Ease

I remember the first time I heard the concept of surrender. I was only about 15 years old. I thought, why would I want to surrender? Isn't that giving up? Isn't that a 'weak' thing to do? But really, surrendering is connecting to a higher power, the all knowing, all the loving. Surrendering means trusting that we are loved, guided and protected. Surrendering is accessing our power and seeking guidance from within ourselves. Surrendering is releasing the egos need to control, manipulate, struggle, and the egos constant need to be right. When we surrender we allow love to flow, it allows space for grace and ease.

Guidance:  Shift your energy in the moments of discomfort and struggle, by surrendering to your higher power.  Watch how quickly everything shifts when you let go, look for the magic in this.


Lisa Brooks