Pull Your Weeds, Plant Your Seeds... Tend To The Garden of Your Mind

This journal will help guide you through the process of pulling the weeds of fear based thinking and planting positive seeds using nurturing, love filled thoughts.  

Real flower seeds included inside back cover pocket. Once the seeds are taken out, you can use the pocket for notes, or anything else you might want to store there.

6" x 8 3/8" - 192 pages

Made in USA

Price: $19.99    

If you prefer to pay by check kindly e-mail: lisa@lisabrooks.com



Are you planting flowers or weeds into the garden of your mind?

slowly, yet effectively, start to reprogram self-defeating thought patterns

Think of your mind as a garden, where every thought plants a seed.  Use the Pull Your Weeds, Plant Your Seeds... Tend to the Garden of Your Mind guided journal as a gardening tool.  Its purpose is to inspire and encourage you to rid yourself of any negative weeds and to begin planting positive seeds.